Sexual intercourse

Much taboo surrounds this aspect of daily life during pregnancy. It is allowed to have sexual intercourse , provided that there is no bleeding, abdominal pain or suspicion of fluid leakage or obstetrical problems like placenta previa ou premature labor. Sexual positions can be varied but care is to avoid situations were direct trauma could be exerted upon the abdomen, especially during the last trimester.

Sport activity

Sport is permitted in all stages of pregnancy, given the absence of pain or bleeding. Sports to be avoided are the one where the patients is breathless ( heavy aerobics...) . Body injury is increased in the third trimester because of instability. Some questions are difficult to answer: horse riding, marathon ...!

Rubella and pregnancy

Rubella is a viral infection that leads to fetal malformations if contracted in pregnancy. Immunitary status is preferably determined before pregnancy , because a vaccine exists. Following vaccination, pregnancy is avoided for three months.

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

Immunitary status is defined by a laboratory test at the start of pregnancy and even before pregnancy if possible. If not immune the patient should avoid sources of possible contamination such as raw or uncooked meat, not well washed vegetables ( salads in restaurants...) and thoroughly wash their hands before eating, especially if cats are in the house they are visiting.

Sushi and pregnancy

Primary concern with high levels of heavy metal ( cadmium, mercury..) in fish like salmon and tuna have been considered unproven thereafter. In fact in many eastern countries sushi is the base of all pregnant women’s diet, and no pathologies have been noted. Sushi is also considered a valuable source of protein, especially in vegetarian patients.

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Chronic use of alcohol results in fetal alcohol syndrome, which consists mainly of morphological abnormal appearance and mental retardation. The exact amount of alcohol to result in fetal harm is unknown, so pregnant women are advised to restrain from alcohol. Chronic consumption also result in maternal malnutrition, accidental falls psychological problems in the postpartum period.

How about smoking during pregnancy

Smoking doesn’t correlate with fetal malformations but is thought o increase the risk of complications such as growth retardation, fetal demise, placental abruption... Women who say that they are unable to quit smoking during their pregnancy should be encouraged to diminish to a maximum their consumption. To be noted that narguile consumption is considered smoking. If the partner smokes , he should do it in balconies or outside.