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When do I have to say that there is a problem and seek
Typically they say to wait one year of unprotected sex to say it's worth viewing. Thus 85% of couples have been pregnant at some point this year. Some exceptions: maternal age, a couple that is found only little because of travel ...

What is the fertile phase of the menstrual cyc
For a 28-day cycle, ovulation takes place around the 13th to 14th day. The fertile phase would be in the week surrounding this date.

What is the proper rhythm of sex
Every other day for a week starting the 10th day of the cycle, if the cycle is 28 days.

Will take her temperature every morning is helpful to predict ovulation?
No, because once there is rise in temperature, the egg is fertilized more. The temperature curve is still to estimate the quality of the ovulatory cycle and the corpus luteum, which has resulted.

How many days of abstinence before the semen analysis
It must be done on the 4th day of abstinence. He gives himself through masturbation at the laboratory, indicating the time of specimen collection.